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Alsahara  expeditions
(Nabhani Voyages)
M  A  U  R  I  T  A  N  I  A
  Welcome to the most beautiful desert:
The Sahara
special tours

  Regular tours with guaranteed departures

Base circuit
Chinguiti-Wadan and the Atar's dunes and hills
(9 days)
2 days extension
+ Extension to
N.P. Banc d'Arguin
(11 days)
5 days extension
+ Extension
to Butilimitt
(13 days)
7 days extension
+ Extension to Keur Massene (P.N. Diawling)
(15 days)
a journey to the past
(15 days)
  • The Mauritanian Sahara is crossed by a large fault whose special characteristics favoured the flourishing of important caravan cities during the Middle Ages. Caravans ploughed the desert carrying gold, salt, spices and slaves. The inhabitants of those cities, rich tradesmen who, many of them, came from the Orient, guaranteed during centuries this commercial flow so important for the Mediterranean economy. Like vessels in the sea, the caravans sailed across the desert through routes carefully planned, based on terrain obstacles, distance between wells and relationship with other bellicose nomadic tribes.
  • The people who live in this territory get as much as they can out of it to provide to their essential necessities. Shepherds turn this harsh part of the world into a human and alive desert. Here people live in a dignified way and do not dream about being "western" or about shopping centers or discos but about a camel milk "zrig", fresh dates and a chat under the tent while sipping a glass of hot tea. These moor nomads are all involved in that unifying trilogy -date-milk-tea- that somehow defines their true identity.
  • We offer you tours and expeditions that will let you see very closely the austere life of a biblical people who stays in the border between two worlds inmersed in the roots of their nomad culture.
  • Our proposal is being also nomads on our 4x4 cars and get into this amazing horizon with no limits, sailing across sensual dunes, crossing the deep bored canyons of the Adrar region which hide beatiful Neolithic paints, participating in the ritual of the three mandatory teas in the tents while chatting with kindly nomads, walking around the streets and visiting the vegetable gardens of the remote caravan cities of Chinguiti and Ouadane, getting inside the huge crater of Gueb-er-Richat, taking a bath in the warm water wells of Terjit, driving, with the help of the compass, in search of the ocean to meet the the fishermen of Imraguen and their job partners, the dolphins. And finally drive along the beach during the low tide towards the Black África.
  • All this and much more is what such a journey offers us. We will travel along the most beautiful landscapes of the Sahara, we will sit around a fire in the warms nights lighted by all the stars of the sky. We will see beautiful sunsets and sunrises. Once in the oasis we will enjoy the pleasure of a good shower and a bed.
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